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Customer-focused Process and Product Innovation

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an empathy-focused methodology, enabling innovation and competitiveness, through understanding the customer's needs and behaviors. Design Thinking's five action modules are: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test. Participants learn the value of understanding the user as a springboard for innovation. Best suited for finance, insurance, sales, human resources, healthcare, and other service-oriented processes.

Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT-TRIZ)

SIT is a structured mapping of product attributes and variables, which participants methodically pair and evaluate for added benefit. This is the essence of creativity: associating unrelated elements for novelty. SIT is best suited for manufacturers interested in improving physical products, ideating new products with existing facilities.


Mindmaps are visual exercises, which organize data and requirements from multiple sources, into a compelling hypothesis or project management direction. Mindmaps are large-format drawings of connected data and ideas, enabling participants to see relationships which make strong intuitive sense. The activity of making a mindmap, particularly as a group, is very effective at structuring engaging project management conversations. Best suited for IT and education.


Sprint is a newer method of testing a product concept, developed by Google innovators. Within 5 days, a new product, usually an IT solution, is tested with actual users. It enables a business unit to decide Go, No Go, or Pivot - quickly and cost-effectively.


We currently offer 6 programs, ranging from 90-minute Lunch and Learn, to 100-day Departmental Innovation Challenges. They are a dynamic mix of brief lectures, hands-on activities, and field or customer research. The format is in person, and led in English.

90-Minute Design Thinking Session

Innovation Offsite

Two-Day Design Thinking Bootcamp


100-Day Departmental
Innovation Challenge

Custom Process

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